Model FAQ

January 6, 2016

Dr. Sketchy’s wouldn’t be awesome without badass models. Here’s info about pose timing and how the gig works, generally.

Pose Timing

GESTURES (40 minutes of posing time)

  • Five (5) 1-minute poses
  • Five (5) 2-minute poses
  • (quick break to drink/stretch/whatever)
  • Four (4) 5-minute poses

BREAK (approximately 10 minutes)
First award for favorite sketch; change now, if you want. Grab a drink.

LONGER POSES (45 minutes of posing time)

  • 10 minute pose
  • 15 minute pose
  • 20 minute pose

At least, this is the plan for it… sometimes the artists vote for a little modification. You can do nutty stuff with the gestures, but you’ll want to be comfortable for the longer ones. There are chairs and such to use, and feel free to bring any and all props you want – more things for them to draw!

If you want some pose reference, check out the photos in the past events archive or just spend some time looking at superhero comics. 😉

Costuming/Dressing Room

Arrive in makeup and as dressed as you can be. You can do one costume for the first half and something more comfy for the longer ones. You can bring more than two costumes, if you want, too. We’re in a semiprivate space, but it’s the upstairs balcony at Argosy, so you still have to use the regular public bathroom for changing and any touchups (and you don’t want to leave/store anything in the bathroom).

Call Time

We start at 8, so please be there between 7:30-7:45. If you’re running late, please call Sadie. You can certainly be there earlier to have dinner and a drink, and just to get a feel for the space. There is parking all around the building, and it’s free.


You will be paid in cash or by PayPal/Square Cash night-of (unless nobody shows, which hasn’t happened yet), and sometimes they tip.


Dr. Sketchy’s is fairly casual. It’s supposed to be fun for the artists AND for the models. Feel free to be creative in your costuming and poses. Feel free to have a drink or two… but don’t get wasted, right? You can choose to remove some costuming throughout the posing sequence, but there is no expectation of slow-mo striptease – this is a costume-oriented drawing series. If you do choose to go skimpy, you are required to wear bottoms and pasties… however, many of the artists who attend are there to draw your remarkable costumes in addition to your creative poses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Sadie. Thanks for modeling!