Dr Sketchy’s School of Hard Knocks, ATL

Is she a schoolgirl, or is she a dominatrix? Maybe you’re hot for teacher, but it kind of scares you? Ada Manzhart is our model for September, and you’ll love to draw this fascinating young lady. Just like it used to be, it’s $10 to draw and free to hang out. Either way, please bring[…]

Dr Sketchy’s Atlanta Returns with Beach Blanket Bingo!

We’re BACK! And we’re back at The Clermont Lounge!

Sadie Hawkins has relaunched Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Atlanta after a 3 year hiatus! Lori Gami brought Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School to Atlanta in 2007, and it’s time for more drawing!

Sadie will be modeling for this one – the theme is Beach Blanket Bingo!

Just like it used to be, it’s $10 to draw.